Should Sex Wait Until Marriage


On this episode of Sincerely Shanae- with Mama Frost, we ask the question… Do you think waiting til marriage to have sex will make the relationship better or last longer? This is obviously a personal choice and there are arguments for both sides of the coin. Never-the-less these conversations always draw out very spirited responses from our Facebook followers. Please don’t take our conversation too seriously, they are meant for entertainment purposes only. Take a listen for yourself!!

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Ep: 3- Sincerely Shanae- 40 year Old Virgin w/ Mama Frost


How long are you willing to wait for Mr. Right?
In this episode we speak with a young lady (FB- Charo Chanel Davis) who has patiently waited half of her lifeĀ  for a man that is interested in a monogamous relationship. The dating struggle is real in ATL.


Ep.2- Finding Mr. Right

We have all dated someone that sent us bright RED WARNING SIGNS at the very beginning of the courting process and we choose to ignore them. Warning signs like the fact that he’s married, or hasn’t had a stable job in 10 years. The outcome of ignoring a red flag is never good. Listen to these stories, and prevention methods on Episode 2 of Sincerely Shanae w/ Mama Frost