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Shanae Hall, television and radio personality, author of two books, best known for her witty and matter-of-fact commentary and truth telling, is on a mission to make an impact. She is a regular analyst on CNN/HLN, The Daily Share, and current producer for a sports network. Her personality is bold and you will always remember something she said!

She has been seen and heard on numerous television and radio stations around the country;  including being an on-air personality and commentator on V103, a guest on 104.1 The Tom Joyner Radio Show, The Breakfast Club in New York, Lenny Greens Kissing After Dark 107.5 WBLS and many more. You might have seen her on PBS in Milwaukee or as an NFL wife, on an E! True Hollywood special, entitled Sports Stars, Private Lives or as a guest on Fox News with Bill O’Rielly.

In 2008 Shanae returned to college, enrolling in Cinema, Television and Arts program at California State University of Northridge in Southern California, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in May 2010. While completing her internship on Jamie Foxx’s Foxxhole radio on Sirius/XM, she began to find a passion for the arts and being on air, it was during this time that she also started writing her first book, which she co-authored with her Mom, Rhonda Frost, entitled, Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man? a light retort to Steve Harvey's New York Times Bestseller. This book was an instant success and resonated with women all over the country, Why Do I have to Think Like A Man jumped to number #1 on Amazon's hot New Releases that year. It was also nominated for best self-help book of 2011 by the AA Literary Awards Show in New York. It's hybrid style, part self-help, part memoir delved into the authors (and others) real life dating and relationship experiences, with wisdom and wit shared in equal parts.  The first edition of that book propelled Shanae into the spotlight as a former wife of an NFL player, domestic abuse survivor and sassy commentator on the hot button relationship topics. After the books release, Shanae was featured on the front page of AOL online news with a Lemondrop article on cheating spouses. Shanae also landed reoccurring guest invites on CNN’s Headline News as a correspondent and appearances on several local and national news stations, including the Jane Valez show, Tru TV, FOX, PBS, and New York Nightly. She was an invited panelist in Chicago for the Ask Amy relationship forum where she entertained the audience with her funny stance on dating do's and don'ts. Shanae wrote a perfectly timed follow up book, For Single Ladies Only in 2012, which continued her connection to women everywhere and solidified her as one to call on when you have a relationship question and you want the truth. She is the female version of Steve Harvey in her frankness and comedic style.

While Shanae is enjoying her success, she still finds time to give back to her community. In 2005 Shanae Hall started an Atlanta based non-profit called New Beginnings Inc. that is designed to help women get back on their feet, provide athletic scholarships to young children, help support care of the elderly.  Shanae and her current business partner Gloria Brooks are continuing to elevate this non-profit and find ways to help the community. She plans to continue to push her limits to live the dream and connect with others, inspiring one woman at a time to be authentic and to love herself first and follow their passions.

You can follow her on Twitter @shanaehall1 on Facebook ShanaeHall and on Instagram @shanaeyh

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